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Website Localization
We provide a full web site localization service through translation from English into Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and localization of content, images, icons and formats to local Chinese language and culture. These tasks are undertaken by locals with the necessary linguistic, creative and web development skills to ensure that regional nuances and cultural differences are addressed. The result is a fully localized website that fulfills market expectations.

User Experience Analysis - convert your visitors into customers
If you already have a Chinese website but are not achieving conversion from visitors to customers, we can help.

Through an end-to-end analysis of user experience from a local perspective, we can provide the following services to enable maximum customer conversion rates through the services below.

  • Web site analysis
  • Web architecture analysis
  • Site evaluation
  • Content audit
  • Software audit

Gaming Software Localization
Successful software localization can mean the difference between success and failure. Comprehensive software localization requires not only technical and translation skills, but also an in-depth understanding of the cultural aspects and gaming preferences of the Chinese market. The end result is a gaming application designed to ensure that users are able to interact with the software on all levels in their own language and using their own cultural conventions. Our team of native speaking translators, designers and web developers have the linguistic, creative and technical skills and knowledge of the gaming industry and customer to provide comprehensive gaming software localization.

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